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Welcome to Evidence Class - Mission College

class wikis


summary of evidence due dates resources lamission.edu/law   paralegal wikis index


General Information


Podcasts of Class Lectures


Evidence Materials

California Evidence Code - "CEC"

Federal Rules of Evidence - "FRE"

Hearsay rules - hearsay rules


Evidence Transcripts

Dunbar Transcript - dunbar.htm FRE 803- Hearsay Exceptions


Evidence Applications

#25 Impeachment Applications 110 and 111 of the textbook


Audio Clips

#15 Hearsay Exceptions - Rachel and Jim Hypo - Hearsay Exceptions

Test G- Character Evidence

Test H - Habit Evidence

Test J - Impeachment

Test K - Authentication

#18 - Character Evidence Hypo Character Hypothetical - Brutus

#19 Character Evidence - End of Chapter Questions Character Evidence - End of Chapter Review Questions

#20 Charlene hypo

#21 Habit and Custom cases

#24 Impeachment Case - U.S. v McMurray

#25 Impeachment Applications Questions - page 110 and 111 - textbook


Read Articles

How to Study Law

Good Legal Writing

Read Like a Lawyer

The Uses of Argument

Analytic Thinking

Character counts




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